VEIT 3610 Semi-Automatic Shirt Folding Table

The VEIT 3610 allows the folding of shirts in varying styles and materials eliminating the use of pins or clips. The station is equipped with a system which automatically holds the shirt’s shoulders during the folding operation and a special plate which tucks the bottom part of the shirt inside the shirt itself at the end.

VEIT 3610 is also equipped with a universal forming plate which can be easily adjusted for different size folds avoiding a stock of extra plates. The universal collar finisher shapes the collar area by pressure and heat, adjusting automatically to each collar size. The forming plate has an automatic up and down function in three steps especially designed for quick and efficient unloading without damaging the collar shape.

The ergonomic work station is height adjustable offering the operator a comfortable working position. It also includes a tilting system for a quicker layout and positioning of the shirts for folding. The station is equipped with accessory shelves, temperature control, piece counter, alternate cycle for pins/clips. The cycle is controlled by one knee plate. Standard Folding Sizes: Length adjustable from 300 mm up to 370 mm / 11.87 inch up to 14.57 inch; Width adjustable from 205 mm up to 340 mm / 8.07 inch up to 13.39 inch

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