Universal Finisher VEIT 8319

Benefits in brief:

  • Universal in use, for spin-dry shirts and blouses and for dry-cleaned jackets and coats
  • Powerful blowing for short drying cycles
  • Tooth belt drive prevents garments from overstretching
  • Side vent clamps for perfect fixing of the hem
  • Manual control of blowing power
  • Pneumatic sleeve tensioners for long and shirt sleeves
  • Adjustable shoulder width and inclination for ideal adaptation to the garment

This universal finisher is the preferred equipment for small to medium-sized laundries and textile care plants. Spin-dry shirts, blouses, smocks or chefs’ coats are finished quickly without creases by the high-performance, low-noise hot-air fan. Dry garments such as jackets and coats can also be finished. Blowing power can be individually adjusted to each piece of garment.

The automatic side vent fixing device is not only used for side vents, but generally helps to fix shirt or smock seams.

Height adjustment of the hem tensioning device is automatically controlled by a photocell. The standard adjustable re-stretching function stretches the garment during steaming to improve the finishing result.  The hem tensioning device is operated through an electrical tooth belt (Belt-Drive-System). Any movement can thus be exactly defined – unlike the more imprecise movements of a pneumatic cylinder. This effectively prevents overstretching and damage of your garment.

The pneumatic sleeve tensioners keep the sleeve at the correct position. This allows you to finish long and shirt sleeved shirts as well as blouses. Just press a button at the operating panel to switch between long and short sleeves. And the manual height adjustment you can fine tune the machine to every garment cut and shape.

Shoulder width can manually be adjusted (410 – 530 mm) to perfectly match the size of the shirt or blouse.  Also, you can modify the inclination of shoulder buck in order to finish jackets and coats.

Thanks to the flexibility the Universal Finisher, it is an ideal combination machine for smaller and medium sized laundries and textile care plants. Simply swap the clamps to modify this compactly designed for use with shirts or for finishing dry-cleaned garments.

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