Tunnel Finisher VEIT 8657

The latest generation of VEIT Tunnel Finisher 8657 sets high standards in finish quality, particularly with difficult fabrics such as cotton, linen and leather. The ideal solution for refinishing garments!

The VEIT Steam Tunnel consists of minimum one Steam Module and one Circulating Air Module. Optionally a Pre-treatment Module can be added at the entrance of the Tunnel Finisher which allows an improved finish result with natural fibers.

In the Steam Module the garment is treated with saturated steam making the garment swell and formable. The circulating air module with its elaborate air flow straightens the garment and fixes the result by drying the garment.

The completely modular concepts make it easy to add more Steam Modules and / or more Circulating Air Modules in order to increase productivity.

  • Small sized Tunnel Systems can reach a productivity of up to 800 garments / h (1+2)
  • Medium sized Tunnelfinishers can reach up to 2500 garments / h (1+2+2)
  • Large sized Steam Tunnels¬† can reach productivities of up to more than 4000 garments / h (2+3+4)
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