Speed, Max (S.P.M.) : 2500*
Clearance Under Foot : 6.35 mm (by hand)
Needle Bar Stroke : (30.7mm)
Stitch Length, Max. : (5mm)
Stitch Width, Max. : 9mm
Needle : 135 x 7 or 135 x 5 (135 x 8 TRI for leather)
Bobbin – Metal :
Hook :  Rotary
Bed Size :  7 x 15.75″ 
Workspace : 8.25″

*Speed depends on thread, material and operation.

• For sewing light to medium-weight materials including cotton, knits, polyester, nylon, sheer fabrics and denim.

• Suitable for stitching such products as blouses, shirts, men’s, ladies and children’s apparel, uniforms, overalls, lingerie, etc.
•Zig-zag stitching, satin stitch embroidery and free-motion work  up to 9mm width
•Straight stitches sew up to 2500 stitches per minute
•Zig-zag stitches sew up to 2000 stitches per minute
•Built-in bobbin winder
•Left, Center, Right Needle Positions
•Needle bar frame locking clamp engaged by a quick 1/4 turn of a knob
•Automatic Hook advances and retards timing according to zig- zag width
•Independently adjustable forward and reverse stitch lengths
•Buttonholes produced by means of right, center, and left needle  positions
•Knee lifter to raise foot or control zig-zag width 
•SS/ZZ tailoring & drapery machine

•Straight stitch foot, plate, and feeddog
•Zig-Zag foot
•Adjustable zipper foot
•Hemmer foot
•Manual buttonhole foot
•Emboidery/Darning plate
•Screw drivers
•Spool caps and covers
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