This machine with a thread trimmer utilizes a basic performance which matches best to the sewing of heavy materials such as car seats and furniture. The vertical strokes of the presser foot and walking foot (amount of alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot) can be easily changed using the large dial mounted on the top of the machine head.

Model name PLC-1710-7, 1710
PLC-1760-7, 1760
Max. sewing speed 2,500sti/min 1,800sti/min (p=0~10mm)
1,600sti/min (p=10~12mm))
Max. stitch length 9mm 12mm
Presser foot Auto: 16mm
Alternating vertical
1~6.5mm (1710-7, 1760-7, 1760L)
2.5~6.5mm (1710, 1760)
Needle 134×35 (Nm140) Nm110~Nm160 134×35 (Nm200) Nm140~Nm200
Thread #30~#5, B46~B138, Nm=60/3~20/3 #8~#0, B92~B207, Nm=30/3~15/3
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