• Consistent steam quality for constant use.

• Temperature control accurate within +/- 2°C (+/- 3°F) to iron temperature
sensitive fabrics without marks

• Iron sole, high quality and especially smooth, is suitable for ironing without
teflon frame sole

• Ergonomically shaped iron handle with a soft-touch microswitch to release

• Integrated steam and heat protection for comfortable and safe ironing.

The electronically controlled temperature regulation and the special chamber system of the ironing sole provide a condensate-free steam quality. These high pressure irons are optimally suitable for ironing of sensitive fabrics by its exceptionally smooth steam distribution and the accurate temperature control. The pointed design of the ironing sole guarantees an excellent ironing result even for areas which are difficult to access.

  • Weight approx. 1275 grammes (approx. 3 lbs.); 230 Volt; 1250 Watt; 50-60 Hz; ironing surface 220 x 105 mm / 8.7 x 4 inch
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