Mini direct drive servo motor system provides quick start sewing, precise positioning, low noise, and no belt dust.
  Safety switch Stops running when the machine is tilted to ensure safety.
  Working space is wide for moving sewing material.
  Low power consumption, it saves 35% energy against V-belt driving.
  Auto-lubrication ensures the mechanism’s durability in high speed.
  [Optional] Stainless steel sewing bed
  Rotary thread trimmer is applicable to various type of thread.
Equipped with electric thread nipper. Half-stitch key is set above the reverse key for easy using.
  Adjustable LED light.
  Maximum stitch length is up to 4 stitch/ inch.
DL7200-BH1 35.0 0-6 Hand 5.5, Auto 10-13 #20~#23 4000
DL7200-BM1 0-5 30.7 Hand 5.5, Auto 10-13 #11~#14 4500


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