This small electro steam generator is designed for continuous operation in dry cleaning shops, alteration rooms and tailor shops as well as for the garment industry and Refinishers.

The built-in 13 l feed water tank in connection with the automatic filling unit for the boiler allows the continuous operation over the whole day without refilling. The steam generator is available in several power versions (2.2, 4.4 and 6.6 KW) as well as with different connection for one or two steam consumers.

Extensive safety measures protect of operating errors and ensure a safe operation of the steam generator

  • Electronic protection of the feed water pump against running dry
  • Electronic signal (optical and acoustical) in case of lack of water
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Very high security due to independent safety equipment: pressure control, safety valve, overheating protection and float ball valves with safety latches to avoid accidental opening

VEIT 2365 / 2,2

2.2 kW – 230 V for 3.0 kg steam/h, one solenoid valve for one iron (picture)

  • Connection for one iron
  • Also available with solenoid valve and one additional ball valve e.g. for Detaset

VEIT 2365 / 4,4

4.4 kW – 400 V for 6.0 kg steam/ h, two solenoid valves for two irons (picture)

  • Connections for two irons
  • Also available with an additional ball valve which can be used with all-steam irons or other steam units

VEIT 2365 / 6,6

6.6 kW – 400 V for 9.0 kg steam/ h, two solenoid valves for two irons, short heating up time

  • Connections for two irons
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